Sneak Peek into the Studio

Every student deserves quality instruction. What does “quality instruction” mean? In the context of music lessons, I believe it can be defined by instruction that provides the kinds of opportunities each student needs to learn, grow, and thrive both musically and personally. It means the best equipment, technology, teaching methods, resources and learning environment that work together to make piano lessons a fun way to reach a well-rounded understanding of music. My studio has the following 4 items that support each student’s unique journey to success in music.  I believe the following sets my studio apart from other instructors in the area.

1.   Professional Quality Yamaha Piano

All students receive their lessons on my Yamaha piano that is in excellent condition with superior tone and touch, allowing students to play with great musical expression.

2.   Expansive Music Library

My studio music library includes over 150 books and 50 individual pieces of sheet music. There is no reason for any student of mine to ever be limited in the kind of repertoire available for study. Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionist, 20th Century, pedagogical compositions, pop, jazz and blues are all available for study.

3.   Award-Winning Music Education Technology

Piano Maestro, Joy Tunes’ iPad app developed specifically for use in piano lessons, enlivens and enriches piano lessons like nothing before its time. With 36 “chapters” or levels, it is fit for use with students of all ages and skill levels and can even be incorporated into students’ home practice routine. I use Piano Maestro to develop my students’ sight reading skills in their lessons with me and they greatly look forward to this activity each week!

4.   Meaningful Goal Setting with Rewards

I want my students to know that practicing pays off and that their accomplishments in piano lessons are significant steps in their growth as musicians. This is why I’ve put into place a practice incentive program as well as rewards for completing milestones like finishing a lesson book or a set of scales. Students track their progress and store completed work in a portfolio that grows during their years of study. My students are motivated to make the most of their music studies so that they can earn the opportunity to record their own album and receive other music awards. Students learn the importance of setting goals and how to take steps toward reaching them, an invaluable life skill.

I want my studio to be an outstanding place to study piano. When the student has what he needs to succeed, piano lessons are a rewarding venture for everyone involved!