Share the Love Discount

Happy Valentine’s Day! You already know that today is for showing you care for the ones you love, but did you know that this month is the perfect time to “share the love” of music too?

Do you know someone who might be looking for a piano teacher to add something fun and inspiring to their weekly routine? Your child’s friends at school or church? Grandma or Grandpa? An adult friend with a little extra time on her hands?

I offer a YEAR ROUND incentive for referrals, but my discount for referrals in FEBRUARY is extra special. Instead of the regular $15 off one month of lessons, it’s $30, and both you and the friend you refer receive the discount! Because teaching students who know each other and have a good time playing in recitals together is fun for me and good for the studio community, giving the gift of a referral is a big plus all around.

Look around… who do you know that could use a little love of music this month?

P.S. This week I asked students to answer the question, “What do you love about music?” I’ll be sharing their thoughtful and honest answers with you in another post!