PIANOGRAM | August 2015

Leslie’s Music Studio Newsletter

Student Accomplishments

Students display their medals and honors during our awards ceremony at the Spring Recital.

Congratulations to all the students who have gone above and beyond in meeting their piano goals this year! I am so proud of my students’ hard work and everything they have achieved because of it.

  • All LMS students who participated in the OMTA Solo Festival received Superior ratings (the highest possible rating) on their performances.
  • Kylan received a perfect score of 100 points on her performance at the OMTA Solo Festival.
  • Evan received the Practice Superstar award, having practiced the most days during our spring term.

Congratulations to the students who completed method book levels, scale sets, and technique courses; to those who composed their own music or performed for the first time; and to those who improved their practicing by playing  5 or more days each week. Keep setting those goals!

Enhancing Student Learning

1. Practice Challenge


To mix things up for summer lessons, students participated in a Pirate Practice Challenge this June. Students received clues to steer them towards their treasure, such as composing their own tune or memorizing music to win their gold. Students were excited to learn new concepts for the challenge and motivated to practice during the doldrums of summer!

2. Album Project

Students have begun recording their polished piano pieces to create their very own album. When they are finished, their work will be written onto a CD and shared via SoundCloud to be enjoyed with friends and family. Check it out!

3. Master Classes

Students in a secondary age group class perform for each other and practice giving and receiving constructive feedback.

Studies show that social interaction enhances cognitive development. Piano can be a lonely sport, but group lessons provide a place where students can form a “Piano Family” to support one another as well as an opportunity to perform for peers in a small, friendly environment. Our classes in July were a success, and I can’t wait to do it again! Classes get students grappling with theory concepts together in the context of fun games, and help students develop performance confidence and critical music listening skills.

Upcoming Events

  • Sept. 1   Fall Term begins
  • Oct. 24   OMTA Halloween Recital (5th grade and under)
  • Nov. 23-24   Master Classes replace private lesson for this week (Happy Thanksgiving!)
  • Dec. 5, 11:00am   Leslie’s Music Studio Winter Recital – Located at Schmitt Music. Families are invited to share lunch and cake afterwards at Spin! Pizza.
  • Dec. 7-8   Master Classes replace private lesson for this week
  • Dec. 21 – Jan. 1   Winter Break

Did You Know?

Piano Maintenance

To keep acoustic pianos in good working order, I recommend getting them tuned 1-2 times per year. Just like a guitar or violin, a piano’s strings will go out of tune when the weather changes or after moving the instrument. The life of a piano is extended when it is maintained well and tuned when needed.

To reduce how often your piano goes out of tune, place it away from windows that leak hot and cold air and in part of your home that has the most consistent humidity level throughout the year. If you are in need of a tuner recommendation, you can contact me here.

I look forward to working with you to bring music into the life of your child!

Leslie Newlin

For more information on piano lessons at Leslie’s Music Studio, check out our About page and Studio Policies, or you can contact me for more information.