Musical Excellence Awards 2015-2016

Musical Excellence Awards are given to honor students who display outstanding commitment to their own musical development and those who use the power of music for good in their communities.

There are many ways your child can earn a Musical Excellence Award. I sincerely hope that each of the following activities provides an opportunity for students to enhance their experience in piano lessons and further their musicianship in the community!

child pianist

Use this list to set goals and help keep track of accomplishments. Students will receive their awards at our Spring Recital on April 3, 2016.

1. Complete a level in your method book 

2. Complete the “30 Piece Challenge”

3. Participate in  the OMTA Solo Festival

         -Earn a performance ribbon or medal
         -Earn a theory ribbon or medal

4. Music Community Service*

         -Play piano at a nursing home, church, or other organization
         -Volunteer for your school’s music, band, choir or orchestra program

5. Attend 5+ music events per semester*

         -School and community musicals and concerts
         -Music workshops, lectures, or demonstrations
         -Piano Master Classes are included!

6. Pass all Major scales, chords, and arpeggios

7. Pass all Minor scales, chords, and arpeggios

8. Practice the most days

9. Practice the most minutes

*For numbers 4 & 5, please have a parent turn in a note listing each activity you completed.
Find a concert or recital to attend on our community calendar.