July 2018 Group Lessons


At our K-3rd Grade Group Piano Lessons, students learned finger warm ups and performed for each other. Students listened for the variety of dynamics, tempos, and articulations used in each performance. Afterwards, we played a magnetic music vocabulary sorting game. The sorting categories were dynamics, tempo, and articulations. Then we played “Headbands” to review our new vocabulary words. During the last few minutes of class, students created covers for their piano binders and ate a snack.


At our 4th-7th Grade Group Piano Lessons, we reviewed finger warm ups, performed for each other and used critical listening skills to give feedback to each other about their dynamics, tempo, and articulations. Afterwards, we played “Sparkle” to practice spelling pentascales and triads. Towards the end of class, we played “Headbands” to review music vocabulary and ate a snack.


At our 8th-12th Grade Group Piano Lesson this week, students reviewed finger warm ups, performed, and practiced listening critically and giving constructive feedback to each other. After performing, we played “Sparkle” to review the order of sharps and flats, and key signatures. Towards the end of class we played “Headbands” to review music vocabulary and ate a snack.

Dennis Alexander Workshop

IMG_9259On April 18, 2017, I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite composers: Dennis Alexander. He debuted a new duet and presented a piano pedagogy workshop at Schmitt Music, covering teaching topics such as composition, playing by ear, and engaging students of all levels with quality repertoire.

It just so happens that Dennis Alexander and I are distant relatives! My husband’s great aunt is Dennis’ aunt. I will take that as my claim to fame!

Two of my favorite compositions by Dennis Alexander:

  • Toccata Brillante, Intermediate Piano Solo
  • King Tut, Late Elementary Piano Solo

Click here for a complete list of his compositions.

60th Annual M.A.M.A. Festival in Lake of the Ozarks

Last weekend (July 28-31) two LMS students traveled to Lake Ozark, Missouri to participate in the 60th Annual MidAmerica Music Association Festival. Nathan and Mahathi have spent the last 6 months preparing to play at this adjudicated event. It was my honor and privilege to help them prepare their piano solos and support them at the festival.

The festival was a smashing success! Both students received Superior ratings (95% or above) on their piano solos and went home with trophies. I am so proud of my students! Continue reading