“Outstanding Achievement in Piano” Award

Most sports offer ways that students can earn medals, ribbons and trophies. Until now, the only way my piano students could earn traditional awards like these was to perform for a judge at a festival. Some students love the thrill of performing and do well under pressure, so this works great for them.  However, there are a number of students who are very talented, practice diligently, and make great strides in their lessons who don’t wish to participate in adjudicated events such as these. My philosophy is that piano students shouldn’t have to perform for a judge at a festival to be recognized for their hard work and progress if they don’t want to. My updated incentive program provides a way for ALL of my students to be recognized for their progress and achievements in piano.

Here’s How It Works

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“Count Metronome” Halloween Practice Challenge

The maleficent mascot of meter visited Leslie’s Music Studio this October… and stole all of our Halloween candy! (*Insert maniacal villain laugh*)

To conquer the king of counting and take back their candy, students meticulously practiced their pieces with the metronome this month. Individual metronome challenges were assigned and completed and candy bags were filled one rhythmic reward at a time.

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Music Should be Fun

Learning music doesn’t just happen at the piano bench or sitting behind a music book. Music is by nature personal, interactive, and ought to be fun.

What are your best memories of making or enjoying music? I know mine are when I could sing or play with others, and when how much fun I was having took precedence over how difficult the learning may have been. Think about going to a musical, a concert, or recital. If there isn’t one single moment that makes you smile, was it worth going?

I love to enrich music lessons with movement, games, and fun activities, especially for young students. The importance of play in learning cannot be overlooked! As an added bonus, children just plain have more fun in their private lessons. And who can say ‘No’ to that when their child is fully engaged with the content and is mastering concepts at a surprisingly quick pace?