“Count Metronome” Halloween Practice Challenge

The maleficent mascot of meter visited Leslie’s Music Studio this October… and stole all of our Halloween candy! (*Insert maniacal villain laugh*)

To conquer the king of counting and take back their candy, students meticulously practiced their pieces with the metronome this month. Individual metronome challenges were assigned and completed and candy bags were filled one rhythmic reward at a time.

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Halloween Recital 2015

Each year, OMTA (Olathe Music Teachers Association) holds a number of Halloween Recitals in our community. Students grade 5 and under have the chance to dress up in their costumes and play a spooky song for residents of local senior living centers. These recitals are a blast for children and audiences alike!

This year LMS students performed at Aberdeen Village along with the students of Liza Zumbrunnen. Some of our performers included Medusa, a colorful monster, a zombie princess, and Cat Woman!