Sticking Around

It has been a great semester for Leslie’s Music Studio. I am already looking ahead and planning some exciting things for the studio for 2014-2015! Take a look:

  • Record an Album – after learning a number of pieces and completing lesson work, students will get to be the artist of their own CD! We’ll have a CD Release Party in the Park complete with ice cream, treats, and students’ recordings playing in the background.
  • Piano Olympics – a day of fun music theory games and friendly competition! A chance to bring students together and learn cooperatively after “training” in their private lessons.
  • Custom Music Journals – each student will receive a custom LMS music journal with different sections for keeping track of practice assignments, learning sheets, listening activities and journals, achievement records, and sheet music for composing. A great way to track lesson progress, and milestones.

I hope you’ll stick around to be a part of what’s coming up next for LMS!

Music Should be Fun

Learning music doesn’t just happen at the piano bench or sitting behind a music book. Music is by nature personal, interactive, and ought to be fun.

What are your best memories of making or enjoying music? I know mine are when I could sing or play with others, and when how much fun I was having took precedence over how difficult the learning may have been. Think about going to a musical, a concert, or recital. If there isn’t one single moment that makes you smile, was it worth going?

I love to enrich music lessons with movement, games, and fun activities, especially for young students. The importance of play in learning cannot be overlooked! As an added bonus, children just plain have more fun in their private lessons. And who can say ‘No’ to that when their child is fully engaged with the content and is mastering concepts at a surprisingly quick pace?