Jo Lyn

Leslie Newlin has been teaching my daughter piano lessons for over 2 years now. We have had a very pleasant experience the whole time! Leslie is a very dedicated teacher who provides a very fun loving and safe environment for kids to grow and develop their piano skills in. My daughter constantly continues to improve and loves taking from Ms.Leslie. I would highly recommend!


Leslie has been a phenomenal teacher for our 9-year daughter.  Her progress and improvement has been steady and she teaches at a pace that has kept her engaged and interested.  In the age of electronics, we have loved watching and listening to our daughter learn and gain confidence in something other than her iPad! Learning to play has taught her patience, discipline and given her newfound confidence!


Leslie is an amazing teacher with a great personality and has a passion for teaching piano. I was a student of hers for 3 months and learned way more than I ever thought I could learn in that amount of time. She is great with all ages and I would highly recommend her!


We feel so lucky to have found Mrs. Newlin! She has a wonderful demeanor with my son – very positive and encouraging. My son was playing songs right from his first lesson, which was so critical to his motivation. She explains theory so he understands it, and she makes it fun so he enjoys it.  He experiences SO much pride in what he’s accomplished – it is a joy to watch.  We have Mrs. Newlin to thank for that!