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Leslie’s Music Studio is located in Olathe, Kansas. Weekly private piano lessons for students in grades K-12 are given in Leslie Newlin’s home studio.

Private lessons at Leslie’s Music Studio are designed with the needs of the developing child in mind, and are  tailored to suit each student. A dynamic and motivating curriculum is presented at each level of study to foster meaningful and enjoyable learning for beginning and advanced students alike. The studio space is equipped with a professional-quality Yamaha upright piano, as well as a music library and studio iPad updated with the latest exciting music apps for use in lessons.

Students have the opportunity to showcase their talents at studio recitals that are given once a year. Between recitals, students participate in group classes to help them prepare for performances, hear other students play, and gain valuable skills in music theory, performance reflection, analysis and critique. Numerous competitive and non-competitive performance opportunities are also offered, and all students are encouraged to participate as is appropriate.

Enroll in weekly private lessons and enjoy Leslie’s Music Studio workshops, master classes, composition and improvisation workshops, and special classes tailored for students of every ability level.

Leslie Newlin

Students who enroll with Leslie’s Music Studio will receive a music instructor who is passionate about teaching piano and who sincerely cares about the learning experience of her students.

Leslie Newlin strives to provide the highest quality instruction for her students. She received her bachelor’s degree in Music Education with an emphasis in piano from MidAmerica Nazarene University and has over 15 years experience in the music industry. In addition to private teaching, Leslie serves as the choral accompanist at Pioneer Trail Middle School. She is a member of the professional organizations OMTA, KCMTA and MTNA (Olathe Music Teachers Association, Kansas City Music Teacher’s Association and Music Teachers National Association).

Teaching Philosophy

Leslie Newlin is committed to providing a space where learning is safe and fun, where the student’s spirit is nurtured and can come alive, and where your child can discover his or her own musical voice. May piano lessons be a source of joy, an instiller of confidence, and a firm foundation for your child’s musical journey!

For more details, see the Studio Policy or contact Leslie with questions.

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Leslie Newlin

Leslie Newlin

Instructor and Owner at Leslie's Music Studio
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Studio Updates

In December each year, our studio has its longest break. Students get a full two weeks off from piano lessons. I hope all of my students will enjoy a time of relaxation, visiting friends and family, and enjoying the peace and beauty of the holiday season. I 100% support taking a short break from practicing… Read More

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Leslie’s Music Studio was honored to host guest teacher, Sean Hephner, on September 8, 2018. Sean taught master lessons for students from Leslie’s Music Studio and Simmons Piano Studio to help them prepare for the KCMTA Fall Festival. Sean’s playful approach eased student tension, helping students bring out a more natural and expressive tone. He… Read More

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  The maleficent mascot of meter visited Leslie’s Music Studio this October… and stole all of our Halloween candy! (*Insert maniacal villain laugh*) To conquer the king of counting and take back their candy, students meticulously practiced their pieces with the metronome this month. Individual metronome challenges were assigned and completed and candy bags were… Read More

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We have all heard the statistics about how studying and playing music makes children smarter, or at least helps them get better grades. I’m sure there are many reasons for that, but I believe the primary reason is because learning an instrument takes practice, builds discipline, determination, patience, and resilience. You might say it builds… Read More

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At our K-3rd Grade Group Piano Lessons, students learned finger warm ups and performed for each other. Students listened for the variety of dynamics, tempos, and articulations used in each performance. Afterwards, we played a magnetic music vocabulary sorting game. The sorting categories were dynamics, tempo, and articulations. Then we played “Headbands” to review our new vocabulary words.… Read More

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On April 18, 2017, I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite composers: Dennis Alexander. He debuted a new duet and presented a piano pedagogy workshop at Schmitt Music, covering teaching topics such as composition, playing by ear, and engaging students of all levels with quality repertoire.

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Leslie is a kind, patient, and understanding piano teacher. I have enjoyed seeing my daughter progress over the past year and a half. My daughter might not want to practice for me, but she certainly wants to practice for Leslie.

Leslie Newlin has been teaching my daughter piano lessons for over 2 years now. We have had a very pleasant experience the whole time! Leslie is a very dedicated teacher who provides a very fun loving and safe environment for kids to grow and develop their piano skills in. My daughter constantly continues to improve and loves taking from Ms.Leslie. I would highly recommend!

Leslie has been a phenomenal teacher for our 9-year daughter.  Her progress and improvement has been steady and she teaches at a pace that has kept her engaged and interested.  In the age of electronics, we have loved watching and listening to our daughter learn and gain confidence in something other than her iPad! Learning to play has taught her patience, discipline and given her newfound confidence!

Leslie is an amazing teacher with a great personality and has a passion for teaching piano. I was a student of hers for 3 months and learned way more than I ever thought I could learn in that amount of time. She is great with all ages and I would highly recommend her!