“Piano in the Park” Recital

Our studio was proud to present “Piano in the Park,” an outdoor spring recital, at Lake Olathe Park on April 11th. This was a fun, low-pressure performance opportunity for students and a celebration for getting through this incredibly challenging year. Being outdoors made it possible for more students to gather together safely without masks.

We had so much fun playing music in this beautiful outdoor setting that I hope we get to do it again next year! Please enjoy a few photos from “Piano in the Park” in the gallery below.

A Note from Leslie

Dear piano parents and friends,

We are in the final stretch of what’s been an extremely unusual year. (I just couldn’t bring myself to use the word… “unprecedented!”)

Has anyone told you that you have done an AMAZING job? I want to give you all a virtual high-five for the ways you have guided your children through remote- and home-schooling, encouraged them in a year of missing friends and family, and done everything in your power to keep up their normal routines. 

The pandemic has been hard on everyone, but I really can’t imagine how difficult it has been for families with children. You parents are superstars. I hope that life will start to get back to normal soon and that your load will be lightened. There are surely treasures in heaven for everything you have done for your family this year, and every year.

Despite restrictions due to Covid-19, our studio was able to pull off all our private lessons and recitals this year, however adjustments had to be made by going virtual, etc. I have to say I greatly enjoyed making the Halloween Recital video. We also participated in all our usual area music festivals, with the exception of the festivals that were cancelled. I think my favorite moment of teaching this year had to be our spring recital, “Piano in the Park.” What a special time it was to see everyone in person and enjoy the beautiful music and the outdoors together!

Wishing you all the beauty and wonder that life has to offer,

Leslie Newlin

“Outstanding Achievement in Piano” Award

Most sports offer ways that students can earn medals, ribbons and trophies. Until now, the only way my piano students could earn traditional awards like these was to perform for a judge at a festival. Some students love the thrill of performing and do well under pressure, so this works great for them.  However, there are a number of students who are very talented, practice diligently, and make great strides in their lessons who don’t wish to participate in adjudicated events such as these. My philosophy is that piano students shouldn’t have to perform for a judge at a festival to be recognized for their hard work and progress if they don’t want to. My updated incentive program provides a way for ALL of my students to be recognized for their progress and achievements in piano.

Here’s How It Works

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KCMTA Multi-Piano Concert 2019

On January 6th, 2019, hundreds of pianists of all ages from the Kansas City metro area came together to perform in the annual KCMTA Multi-Piano Concerts at Bell Cultural Events Center in Olathe, Kansas. Leslie’s Music Studio was proud to have 15 students participate in the event this year.

This year’s theme was “On With the Show,” featuring music from Broadway and Hollywood. Selections included hits such as “When You Wish Upon a Star,” “The Surrey With the Fringe on Top,” and “Spoonful of Sugar.”

The Multi-Piano Concert is a unique performance opportunity for students of KCMTA members. The event features 28 performers on 14 grand pianos simultaneously playing duet repertoire under the direction of a conductor. The concerts, which originated in 1993, have grown from 200 participating students to over 550 performers.

A Musical Winter Break

In December each year, our studio has its longest break. Students get a full two weeks off from piano lessons. I hope all of my students will enjoy a time of relaxation, visiting friends and family, and enjoying the peace and beauty of the holiday season. I 100% support taking a short break from practicing piano during this time, but if you or your child wishes to supplement their piano practice over the break, I’ve gathered some ideas for you!

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