Zach Polson Recital

I had the honor of attending a piano recital given by former Olathe resident, Zach Polson, last Sunday at Redeemer Presbyterian Church. The recital was put on by the Olathe Music Teachers Association and was geared towards young audiences in piano lessons. All of my students were invited to attend this special event.

Zach is a former student of Heidi Wiens, one of our prominent association members. He has gone on to study piano in graduate school at Southern Methodist University, his degree focused in piano performance and pedagogy. His Bachelor of Music degree was earned at Vanderbilt University’s Blair School of Music.

Excerpt from the program: “As an educator, Zach strives to give students purpose and inspiration at the piano in preparation for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.” In addition to giving the education-focused recital this Sunday, Zach spent time instructing several Olathe piano students in a master class on Saturday.

His program included pieces from Beethoven, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Debussy and a new name – Avner Dorman. The modern piece by Dorman was published in 2008 and is “as new as it gets for piano music.” The variety in his selection of pieces was enjoyable and greatly beneficial for the young ears that attended.

Recital admission was free, with food donations for Harvesters encouraged.