Advice to Students

Originally featured in the Jan/Feb 2016 edition of Clavier Companion in an article titled, “The Teaching Legacy of Rosina Lhevinne, part II” by Scott McBride Smith.

Advice to Students

Zach Polson giving students hints about what to listen for in one of his pieces

Plan your practice. Arrange your day around it. Start your practicing every day in various ways.

At times, begin with the most difficult work in your repertoire, playing up to tempo.

Sometimes start working on technique, but do not form a habit of playing first slow and then fast.

Always spend one-fourth of your practicing on improving your technique. There is no standing still – you are either moving forwards or backwards.

Analyze your pieces as to form and harmony.

Analyze your pieces by phrases and find them by cadences.

Use positive touches! Legato, staccato, portamento (the latter actually mean s “carry one to another”)

Don’t miss good concerts.

Listen with kind ears by trying to find something good in every performance. Forget the bad.

Read music every day.

Play four-hand works, chamber music, and symphonies.