We have had Leslie as a piano teacher for two years. Initially, I started taking piano lessons from Leslie. She worked hard to make sure I enjoyed learning to play the piano. When I had difficulty mastering a skill or concept, Leslie was able to identify other methods to help me learn. When my 8 year old son decided he was ready to take lessons again, I knew that Leslie would be a good teacher for him. She has shown him patience and kindness through encouragement when the skills have been challenging for him. She works hard to make learning engaging and fun for the kids. When he shows signs of getting bored with the music he is learning, she is quick to find pieces that engage him. My son really looks forward to the group lessons that Leslie puts together. They are a nice supplement to the individual lessons. The kids get to support and encourage each other’s piano playing while participating in fun games to learn new or solidify old music concepts. I greatly appreciate her dedication to meeting each student where they are at while figuring ways to help them grow.